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Access & neighborhood information

Transfer Information

From Ayase Station[West exit route / East exit route]

2 minutes on foot from the West exit – 4 minutes on foot from the East exit [In the train coming from the central Tokyo, rear vehicle is close to west exit and forward vehicle is close to east exit.]
JR Joban Line does not stop at Ayase station. Please use Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line.

Neighborhood information

Tokyo Sky Tree (R)

It is surprising height 634 m which is almost as twice as Tokyo Tower with 333m.
It is at well accessible location where-in 15 minutes by train or in 12 to 15 minutes by car.
“Tokyo Sora Mach” is a shopping complex with more than 300 shops (dealing with fashion, miscellaneous goods, food, sweets, food court). You can enjoy it all day.

The location of the famous comedy titled “It’s Tough Being a Man”

By working a bit far, you can visit “Shibamata Taishakuten Temple” which is the background location of famous comedy titled “It’s Tough Being a Man (Otoko-ha Tsuraiyo)”.
The 200m approaching drive, leading from Shibamata station to the temple, leaves the old fashioned charm.
If you like Tora-san (the main character of the comedy movie), you will be strongly recommended to visit Tora-san Museum.
It is approximately 20 minutes by train from Ayase Station to Shibamata Station.

The background location of the Cartoon, titled “This is Katsushika-Kameari-Park KOBAN (Police Box)”

The story of popular cartoon, titled “This is Katsushika-Kameari-Park KOBAN” is developed around Kameari station which is the next station to Ayase station in 2 minutes by train.
Bronze of the characters in the cartoon are at various places near the station. Walking around Kameari town to find all bronzes up to 14 will be fun.
At Kameari Katori shrine, you can purchase Ema (wish writing board with painting) on which Ryozu Kankichi is drown. Ryozu Kankichi is the main character of the cartoon.
Praying your wish on the Ema will be funny.

Other vicinity information

 Tokyo Sky Tree (R)/Let’s go out to see Tokyo Sky Tree !

 Tokyo Budo-kan/We propagate the martial arts spirit !

 Katsushika City Sogo Sports Center/Refresh yourself through physical exercises !

 Tora-san Museum/Thoroughly enjoy the spirit of Japan, “It’s tough being a man”.

 Ario Kameari
    To get shopping convenience, it’s absolutely Ario Kameari with substantially lined-up shops !

 Kitasenju Marui
    The definitive place for the shopping around the terminal station “Kita-Senju” is Kitasenju Marui !

 Arakawa Amusement Park
    Kids enjoy a lot ! The dear amusement park with the taste of Showa era

 Tokyo International Forum
    The location is very close. It is at next to Nijubashi station of Chiyoda Line !

 Tokyo Midtown
    The location is very close to Nogizaka station of Chiyoda Line ! It is the town in a toy box !

    Travelers around the world are paying attention! Akihabara, the town with full of excitement!


 Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport)
    The international routes are introduced and attention has been paid!

 Tokyo Metro/Explore Tokyo by riding on Tokyo-Metro!

 Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau/Let’s find Tokyo amusing spots!

 Tokyo Tourism Info

 Tokyo Disney Resort/Easy access by shuttle bus from Kameari station next to TDL!

 Fujiko F Fujio Museum /Easy access through via Odakyu Line!

 Sanrio Puroland/Easy access through via Odakyu Line!